Philipines Aviation News Identity Crisis HOw Buisness Student will See It

Philipines Aviation News Identity Crisis HOw Buisness Student will See It

HybridAce101 on the Flag carrier’s branding strategy. Regardless whether I agree with him, it made me think. And that, in my book, makes for a good article. It made others think as well, as evidenced by the lively debate in the comments section that made for an even more interesting read. As a college professor, I was thinking,It is stuff like this that students should know where there is an exchange of ideas to help develop their critical thinking. So I decided to make the article a reading assignment for my business majors and asked for their take on the issue.

To help you, dear reader, appreciate where these students are coming from, this is their profile they are all female, second to fourth year business students from varying majorsaccountancy, marketing, and finance. They come from a socio economic class of ABC households.

Some have admitted to having never flown at all so instead they consulted their parents and relatives who have flown as overseas Filipino workers (OFW), business class travelers, and budget passengers. And then some students have flown here and abroad. A few were even able to interview friends who work in the Airline industry.

 It is extremely important for a national flag carrier to be careful with its business decisions. It needs to be always conscious of the fact that whatever it does, reflects the nation.They don’t think Filipinos always prefer price over quality. If they opt for something less, it is perhaps only because they cannot afford otherwise. But given the chance, they are willing to shell out more for a more comfortable ride.
They disagree with PAL’s downgrading of services while still charging full service fees.They think that PAL is indeed violating branding principles with its handling of PAL Express creating a confusion in the mind of the market.
After reading about this issue, it seems to me that the only thing that matters to them is money. Placing myself in the shoes of an investor, I would want to profit from my investment. I SORT OF understand where PAL is coming from, sorting out their finances before everything else. But then again, why compromise quality that has been proven alright over the years, over the pressure that budget Airlines have over your company PAL shouldn’t be shaken by them because they have been part of this Industry for so long which only means that they have been doing something right.

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