why People Feel At Home With Filipinos

why People Feel At Home With Filipinos

There are several things that Filipinos are notorious for Our knack to find famous people who have even just a sliver of Filipino blood in them. On the flip side, Theyare also known for a lot of positive things. Here are 5 endearing traits that showcase what a true blue Filipino is like:

1) They take hospitality to a whole new level. You need a place to stay? You need some food to eat? You want to have a place for the night? Go right ahead. Filipinos are always more than willing to welcome people into their homes, feed them and make sure that They provide them with nothing but the utmost comfort.

2) they are superheroes. Even in times of discomfort, Filipinos are always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Gabriel Macht, actor of the TV series Suits, recently visited the Philippines in Leyte after Typhoon Yolanda, and he shared in an interview Aired on ANC. They were knocked down, but they're back up and that's very inspiring to see. There's an amazing warmth and generosity of spirit and that is very inspiring.

3) Theylove to eat. It is not surprising that one way of saying hello for Filipinos is to ask if another person has eaten already. Our love for food is reflected on how They love to prepare and share food.

4) They are proud of the beauty of their country. The Philippines is definitely a beautiful place to visit. Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis visited Siargao Island for the first time to charge the waves after performing at a music festival earlier this year, and he already named it as Paradise.

5) Theylove to smile. No matter where They are in the world, They always greet and welcome people with a warm smile. The fact is They have what is known as The Filipino Smile. According to Rob Schneider, They also have a Filipino Laugh. 

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